Customizing Prebuilt Widgets / Changing Graphs

Can I Customize the Prebuilt Widgets or Change The Graphs?

As for changing graph types, it's a "Yes" and "No" answer. 

In Prebuilt Widgets: No/Yes

No in the prebuilt, but by using our Mashups widget (Custom section) you can grab metrics from different "stager" widgets to complete your ideal widget!

(We researched and learned a lot over the past few years. We noticed that the complexity of the user interface is directly related to the lack of its use. This is why our widgets are "pre-built" in the sense that users can obtain the information they're looking for without having to "search" for it.)

In Custom Widgets: Yes, Fully!

We understand our customers have data locked up in proprietary servers, offline on computers, etc, so we've made it easy to bring it in!  With our custom widgets (documentation here:, you can bring custom data into Cyfe through five main ways.  

1      CSV File: You can format data into mini CSV files and manually upload them into individual Cyfe widgets.
2      Google Spreadsheets: You can use a Google Spreadsheet to push data into Cyfe. The advantage of this approach is you can update your data on the fly rather than having to upload CSVs every time your data is changed.  
3      Private URL: You can connect to your databases, systems, and other third party services that we don't support using this approach. In short you or your programmer can write a quick script that connects to the source and outputs data in a format that Cyfe understands (CSV). Then you can just point a custom widget to that script. Here's an example:
4      Push API: This approach can be used to push data directly into Cyfe via our API.
5      SQL: This allows you to query your SQL databases directly from Cyfe.
In all cases you just have to make sure that your CSV data format matches one of the examples shown in the documentation linked above.

Our Custom Build Services
We also offer custom development/build services as affordable as our core all-in-one dashboard!  So, if you don't have the capacity, time, willingness or team to develop a custom connection, let us know and we can chat further about your scope & goals and we can help bring it in!