Alerts allow you to monitor metrics even when you're away from your dashboards. You can set up email or SMS notifications to go out when certain conditions are met (e.g. when your website's traffic level drops).

Creating an Alert

The Alerts feature is located in the top right corner in each individual widget, the "Bell" icon, next to the Goals feature (which is the "Flag" icon).

Simply click on the Alarm Bell to set the alert: (1) the metric, (2) the threshold, (3) the [greater than/less than/equal to] decision, and (4) the notification destination (email address or mobile number).  

It's easy to set up and it takes just seconds -- try it out and use Cyfe as a critical alarm system for your entire business!

What Is My Alert Based On?

For widgets that contain cumulative metrics, the Alert uses today's data to check the threshold. Otherwise, it uses the previous day's data. The reason for the latter being is that in most cases, today's data isn't up to date and doesn't include all 24 hours worth.