To Install HubSpot on Your Cyfe Account

1. Login to your Cyfe account.

2. Click on the "Add Widget" button.

3. Select the "Sales & Finance" option, then click on the "Add" button next to HubSpot.

4. Click on the "Configure Widget" button.

5. Click on the "Add Account" button to link your HubSpot Profile.

6. Click on the "Grant Access" button within the HubSpot pop up.

7. Select the "Hubspot Metric" you want to track and click on the "Save Widget" button.

8. Congrats you have now successfully linked your HubSpot account to Cyfe.

List of HubSpot Metrics that can be tracked

Performance > Overview
Contacts > Contacts, Contact Lifecycle Funnel, Contact Lifecycle Pipeline, Top Contact Sources
Opportunities > Opportunities
Leads > Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads
Customers > Customers
Deals > Deals, Deals Won and Lost, Top Deal Stages
Emails > Subscribers, Email Performance, Top Email Lists (Last 30 Days), Subscribers in Past Month
Website > Top Blog Topics
Other > Campaign Breakdown, Keyword Breakdown, Workflow Breakdown