Is Cyfe Safe? Am I The Only One Who Can See My Data?

In short: absolutely no one can see or has access to your data except those with whom you wish to share your data & dashboards. Of course, you can also control their access through user permissions :)


In length: We use Amazon Web Services as our infrastructure so the data would be stored in a very secure environment.

We're a software service comparable to services like Google Docs, Office 365, and even Google Analytics itself. We take data & client privacy & security very seriously here.  Nobody in our own company has access to your data, nor do we ever share client data with third parties. However, if there's a problem with your account and you ask us to troubleshoot problems in the future then we may ask you for permission to access your data by having you share your dashboards with us (however, usually we ask to share simple screenshots to be even more conservative!).

Like any other SaaS application, rest assured that we handle all data going in and out of Cyfe very carefully. Naturally, security is our top priority. For the most part we use the OAUTH protocol to connect to clients' external accounts so we don't store any login credentials.  In instances where it's necessary to store information, we use secure encryption algorithms.  Passwords are encrypted too.  We have over 250,000 users across the world that trust us like AT&T, Marriott, Microsoft, Disney, and Citrix so you're in good hands. :)
Please let our team know if there's anything else we can do to help assure your data is safe.