I Am An Agency, Plan to Use Cyfe To Show My Clients, or Want To Resell Cyfe and I Would Like To Learn More About White Labeling

Please visit www.cyfe.com/whitelabel and fill out the form. We will be back to you with information as soon as possible.

I Would Like to Speak To Someone To Demo or Learn More About Cyfe

We would love to speak with you!  If you have any questions not covered in this Knowledge Base, feel free to email our friendly Support team; we're always happy to help!  

Key tip: Really, though, Cyfe is so easy to use that manuals or full demos are not required -- you can begin building dashboards on your own in just minutes! 

We built Cyfe to be as intuitive as possible so that you can use it without having to read manuals or tutorials. To get started, simply log into your account at https://app.cyfe.com. Then click on the "Add Widget" button found at the top of your screen to start adding all the services you'd like to monitor. It's that simple!