Can I Embed Dashboards In My Website or Portal?

Yes! You can embed dashboards on your platform in two ways -- one in Premium (#1), the other in White Label, through its SSO embed API (#2). 

#1) Public URLs: These will allow you to embed read-only dashboards. To do this simply generate a new public URL (with the button located at the top of the screen next to the dashboard drop down, the hyperlink icon). The URL will look something like this: . Then using simple IFrame HTML you can embed it within your portal or site.

P.S. Some tips on Public URLs.  Public URLs will show data for the last 30 days by default and group data on a daily basis when viewed by other users besides yourself. If you want to force the dates for Public URLs, you have two options:

1. Enable the date picker so your viewers can choose their own dates by using the "date_picker" parameter like this:

2. Lock the URL to a specific date range and group by method by using the "sdate", "edate", and "groupby" parameters like this:

You can also use the "theme" parameter to force either the "dark" or "light" theme like this:


#2) SSO Embed API: If you would like to embed the entire app into your portal then you can use our single sign on embed API. Keep in mind that this will allow users to modify anything within their own set of dashboards.  This API is part of our White Label solution.   Let me know if you'd like more information about our White Label plan.