Can I Visualize Several Of My Campaigns -- such as 3 or 4 -- not All Campaigns or simply 1 Campaign?

Yes! With our brand new "Mashups" widget in the Custom section, you can acehive this! 

Step 1) First, set up individual widgets for each campaign (single campaigns). For example, if you want to show the results of 3 campaigns, set up 3 widgets, one for each campaign.

Step 2) Use the "Mashups" widget and pick the data from each of your campaigns (i.e. Metric 1 --> "Add Data" --> Metric 2 --> "Add Data" --> Metric 3) etc -- add them together and you have yourself several campaigns in one widget!


After I Connect My Google Account, I Don't See Any Campaigns

Are you connecting an Adwords account or an Adwords MCC account? We have 2 different Adwords widgets -- regular, and MCC -- try the other one and it should work (that should solve it in 99% of these cases!)


I Picked The Right AdWords Format (MCC or 'regular), But I Don't See Any Campaigns and/or I'm Missing A Few

OK, you picked the right widget (regular or MCC). But what's happening here is that you probably have like you have two AdWords accounts associated with a single Google account. An account for a business #1, and another for business #2.

When you connect your Google account to Cyfe, our AdWords widget is defaulting to the business #1, which is why you can't see campaigns from business #2. 

This looks like a new capability Google recently added: we have a fix for this to our roadmap.
In the meantime, here's how to get it solved: are you able to give another one of your Google accounts that hasn't yet been attached to AdWords access to the campaigns you want to monitor in Cyfe? Then try connecting that Google account to the widget. That should work!