Can I Automatically Email Dashboard Reports?

Yes! Simply use the Export Dashboard feature (the "arrow" icon at the top of your screen) to do so.

Can I Automatically Email The Same Dashboard to Multiple People?

Yes! Simply add them one-by-one (rather than comma-separated). This gives you more customization around the frequency, format, and subject. 

Can I Customize the Sender's Email Address (instead of and The Body of the Email?

In our White Label plan, yes. Click here to learn more


Can I Modify the Automatically-Emailed Dashboard Report Timeframe?

Not at this moment, but it is on our roadmap. This (the ability to consider the date parameters beyond the default 'Last 30 Days') is only possible in the "Download Now' part of the Export Dashboard feature.  

If you Schedule Email, it will be the last 30 days, but the ability to change this is on our roadmap.

The other way to accomplish this is to set up an automated/scheduled regular email in Outlook or Google Mail, and in that email, include a link to the dashboard's Public URL.  See below for customization reference on Public URLs. The other nice things about this method is you can specify the send time down to the exact moment, and the dashboard is a real-time "live" view of your dashboard!  

Public URLs
Public URLs will show data for the last 30 days by default and group data on a daily basis when viewed by other users besides yourself. If you want to force the dates for Public URLs, you have two options:

1. Enable the date picker so your viewers can choose their own dates by using the "date_picker" parameter like this:

2. Lock the URL to a specific date range and group by method by using the "sdate", "edate", and "groupby" parameters like this:

You can also  use the "theme" parameter to force either the "dark" or "light" theme like this: