Can I Visualize Several Of My Campaigns -- such as 3 or 4 -- not All Campaigns or simply 1 Campaign?

Yes! With our brand new "Mashups" widget in the Custom section, you can acehive this! 

Step 1) First, set up individual widgets for each campaign (single campaigns). For example, if you want to show the results of 3 campaigns, set up 3 widgets, one for each campaign.

Step 2) Use the "Mashups" widget and pick the data from each of your campaigns (i.e. Metric 1 --> "Add Data" --> Metric 2 --> "Add Data" --> Metric 3) etc -- add them together and you have yourself several campaigns in one widget!


My Facebook Ads Widget(s) Is/Are No Longer Working

Most likely Facebook expired your third party connection.   (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc do this to third party connections every 60 days or so -- there's no way to stop them doing it).  This can also happen when a password is changed.

Step 1: Reconfigure your existing Facebook widget by clicking on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the widget. 

Step 2: Click on the Facebook Account drop down and select the first empty entry in the list. Then click on the Add Account button located next to this drop down list.  

Step 3: A new popup will open where Facebook will ask you to confirm the connection. Click on the Accept button.  

Step 4: The popup will automatically close and you will be back on the widget configuration screen in Cyfe. Now click on the Save Widget button.
You should only have to do this for one widget; refreshing the dashboard it should populate through other FB widgets. 
Some of my Facebook Ads Data Is Slightly Different than in Facebook's Ads Manager
Metrics such as "Reach" in Cyfe should match with Facebook: now keep in mind that there's another caveat here. In Cyfe we grab the reach data on a daily basis and add it together to show you the total number, at the top of the widget, for your date range...while Facebook may be showing you the UNIQUE number of people reached for the entire date range (instead of the ABSOLUTE number in Cyfe).

The same also applies to the clicks in the Facebook Ads widget. The "clicks" you would see in Cyfe are different than "link clicks" that you see in Facebook. Clicks in Cyfe is the total number of clicks on your ad. This may include offsite clicks to your website, Page likes, post comments, event responses or app installs. While Link Clicks is the number of clicks on links to select destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook-owned properties.
So essentially you're looking at the same data but both the Cyfe and Facebook UIs are slicing and dicing it a little differently as we have to work around some limitations in Facebook's API.