Yes you can! Use Cyfe's "Mashups" widget (located in the Custom section) to do so.  This is an incredibly unique way of bringing your aggregated/total statistics in. 

Step 1) Make sure you have all your Google websites available through 1 (or more) connected Google profiles using the Google Analytics widget

Step 2) Create an individual widget for each website, focusing on a consistent metric you want to monitor in order for the data to be consistent and "apples to apples".  

For example, Widget #1 could be "Website A" with the Metric of Sessions. Widget #2 would then be "Website B" with the same Metric of Sessions. Place them wherever (and even hide the widgets, if you'd like). 

Tip: it doesn't matter where you place these, it can be a separate or "staging" dashboard. That said, it's a great idea to monitor all sites on one screen, so you could keep them in the same place!

Step 3) Use the Mashups widget to add in all of the sites from Step 2! In our example above, simply pick each "Sessions" metric from Site A and Site B and add them together using the "+" icon. 


This is a great way to monitor broad trends for your website portfolio if you have several, or if you are an agency/consultant, a great way to crunch numbers for your clients' total website performance (for internal or marketing purposes).