Method #1: Our Prebuilt Widgets

Cyfe offers many of the most popular software and apps used by organizations everywhere in our prebuilt widget collection, and we're always adding more to our collection.

You can tell our Support team what service(s) you would like to see next, and we'll be sure to add your vote to our development roadmap. In the meantime, if you don't see an integration for something you use today, yes, you can still bring in that data with our custom widgets, our Custom Build Services (where you relax, and we develop/build for you) or our Zapier integration :)

Method #2: Zapier

Zapier is a tool for non-technical users that helps connect all your web apps together.  Zapier currently offers over 800+ services that you can connect into Cyfe.  Not only that, but it takes just a few clicks to set up!

In Zapier, an integration between two apps is called a Zap, which is made up of a Trigger and an Action. Whenever the trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the action in another app. For example, when you receive a new lead in Salesforce (trigger), Zapier will add it to Cyfe (action) to be visualized on your dashboard.

More reading and easy Zapier setup instructions here:



Method #3: Custom Widgets
We understand our customers have data locked up in proprietary servers, offline on computers, etc, so we've made it easy to bring it in!  With our custom widgets (additional documentation here:, you can bring custom data into Cyfe through five main ways.  

1      CSV File: You can format data into mini CSV files and manually upload them into individual Cyfe widgets.
2      Google Spreadsheets: You can use a Google Spreadsheet to push data into Cyfe. The advantage of this approach is you can update your data on the fly rather than having to upload CSVs every time your data is changed.  
Tip: See here for some live Google Sheets examples and formatting guides!
3      Private URL: You can connect to your databases, systems, and other third party services that we don't support using this approach. In short you or your programmer can write a quick script that connects to the source and outputs data in a format that Cyfe understands (CSV). Then you can just point a custom widget to that script. Here's an example:
4      Push API: This approach can be used to push data directly into Cyfe via our API.
5      SQL: This allows you to query your SQL databases directly from Cyfe.
In all cases you just have to make sure that your CSV data format matches one of the examples shown in the documentation linked above.

Method #4: Our Custom Build Services ("You Relax, We Build")
At Cyfe we also offer affordable custom development/build services! And by the way, this service is included for free in our Enterprise version of our White Label offering (you relax, and we build, maintain, and manage)!
If you don't have the capacity, time, patience or team to develop a custom metric, email our Support team and mention you're interested in hiring us for a custom build service for your Cyfe organization. Let us take the work off your plate.
In your email, let us know in brief what (1) apps/integration(s) and (2) metric(s) you need, and we can chat further about your scope & goals to complete your project!  We've done many complex and interesting metric integrations for our wonderful customers, so we'd love to build yours next too!  Contact us to discuss the scope of the project and we'll reply back ASAP with a quote!