I Connected My Google Sheet And My Widget Doesn't Work

Please see our formatting tips at www.cyfe.com/custom and a live example below. Feel free to repurpose the "Input" examples for your own purposes! Just use the File menu to "Save a Copy" to your Drive :) 


Here are some Google Sheets (and .CSV) key tips :)

This Google Sheets example you could use to set up a bunch of templates and feed in organization data, with various outputs that auto-feed into Cyfe (Google Sheets will automatically update every 5 minutes).  

If you also explore www.cyfe.com/custom, you'll notice that we have an example for each major chart type from that documentation!   We also include some example parameters (seen at the top of the page) such as "Color"

Link to Live Cyfe Google Sheets Example

Each tab is designed for a different type of chart. 
Pro Tip:
For instance, generally speaking, for your business or your client use, you could set something up:
"Workbook Client A"
- Sheet1 = 'feeder' sheet where the data from your source goes. Put essentially *everything* here on the source/feeder sheet.
- Sheet2 = pie chart for metric ABC (links to Sheet1 as source)
- Sheet3 = line + column chart for metric DEF (links to Sheet1 as source)
- Sheet4 = bar chart for metric GHI (links to Sheet1 as source)
- Sheet5 = gauge chart for metric J.
- Sheet6 = etc.
You could then duplicate this Sheet in your drive, create "Workbook Client B" as the exact same sheet for a different client or department, except all you're changing is Sheet1, the source data.

Cyfe will automatically prompt you to pick which Sheet you want to display in your dashboard! 



Input file.

Output results seen here.


DATE FORMATTING: How Do I Get My Spreadsheet To Work With My Cyfe Date Picker?

The X-axis and the Date Picker: if you want to respect Cyfe's date picker :
- "Date" in cell A1 (no other word, has to read as Date) 
- YYYYMMDD date format for the dates in Column A for best performance.

- Pro Tip: Has to be daily data (one date per row, no duplicates) if you want to Group by Day in the date picker.  Otherwise, Group by Week, or choose Column instead of Line as your chart type.  Or, But for data series that doesn't have entries each & every day, you can Group By Week or Group By Month

However, if you don't want to respect Cyfe's date picker and use any other label as the X-axis:
- Use formats like "Day", "Month", "Period" etc in Cell A1.  Column A will still be your X-axis.  (If you use any other label than "Date" for the first column of your data then Cyfe will simply create a chart for you, put the first column's data on the x-axis and the other columns on the y-axis. Simple as that!)

Number Formatting - Currency, Percentage, Time, etc.
Avoid formatting in the numbers / data series themselves. Keep that Plain/Automatic using the "Format" menu.  Instead, you'd put formatting up top in Row 1 in the series label, such as Revenue($), Percentage(%), and Time(:)