Load Google Spreadsheets Widget on your Dashboard

To load the widget onto your dashboard:

1. Click on the "Add Widget" button located in your top bar



2. On the sidebar on the pop-up window, choose the "Custom" tab

3. Find Google Spreadsheets, and click on the "Add" button

4. Click on "Configure Widget"

5. Copy and paste the URL of your Google Spreadsheet

6. Choose the Chart Type, and click on "Save Widget"

Configure Google Sheets Widget to Display

The Google Spreadsheets Widget will fail to pull data onto your dashboard if "Link Permissions" on your Google Sheets file is not correctly set. To change "Link Sharing" permissions:

1. Open your Google Spreadsheet, and click Share

  • You can also adjust sharing settings by right-clicking on the spreadsheet from Google Drive.

2. Click on Advanced

  • This is located on the bottom right of the pop-up window.

3. Click on Change









4. Choose the "On - Anyone with the link" option and press Save

5. Navigate to your Cyfe Dashboard

  • Click on the "Configure" button at the top right of your Google Sheet Widget
  • Click on "Save Widget"

If the Google Sheet Widget still does not populate, delete the widget and re-add. Additionally, make sure your spreadsheet is in alignment with our "Formatting Tips".

Tip: if you have multiple spreadsheets, consider creating a 'Cyfe' folder in Google Drive and move your spreadsheet files into this folder. Setting the permission level of the entire folder will eliminate the need to change link permission for each file. 


Locating your Google Sheet in your Google Drive

If you have trouble locating your Google Sheet to change its Link Permissions:

1. Navigate to your Google Sheets Widget

2. Click on Configure

3. Copy the 25-character Spreadsheet ID 

4. Create a New Google Sheet

5. Overwrite the 25-character spreadsheet ID in the URL with the ID from your Widget