Below is a step-by-step tutorial to setting up the " Reviews" widget.

Step 1: Click on the "add widget" button located on the upper left corner.

Step 2: Navigate to 'Popular> Reviews' and click on the "Add" button.

Step 3: The " Reviews" Widget will appear on your dashboard. Click on the "Configure Widget" button.

Step 4: In this step we will be using "Google" as our Review Site and "Starbucks" for the Business URL.

A. Select your review site (Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, or Yelp).

B. Input your business URL.

C. Add additional review sites. (Optional).

D. Save Widget.

Step 5:  When the "data is being gathered. Please check back in 5 minutes" message pops up. This means you have successfully setup the widget, wait 5 minutes for the data to propagate to our servers.

Step 6: Congrats you have successfully setup the "Business Review Monitoring" Widget! 

You can repeat Step 4-6 and replace with your desired Review Site(s) and Business URL(s).

How to locate your Business URL:


Step A: Go to and search for your business.

Step B: Click on your business name and copy and paste the link.

Note: Your Google business review link should look something like this ";si:8684403267473988121,l,ChJzdGFyYnVja3MgYmVsbGV2dWUiA4gBAVoLCglzdGFyYnVja3M;mv:!1m2!1d47.6395029!2d-122.10941160000002!2m2!1d47.5539371!2d-122.2093235"


Step A: Go to and go to your business page.

Step B: Click on the "Review" tab and copy the URL.

Note: Your Facebook business review link should look something like this ""

Be sure that you don't have any privacy restrictions on your Facebook page, such as country or age restrictions. Our system can't monitor the page if it can't see it! An easy way to test and see if privacy restrictions are the root of your issue is to open the Facebook page in question inside an incognito window of your browser (why? Because you won't be logged into Facebook).If you are unable to view the page, privacy settings are the most likely culprit.

Please check out Facebook's support article for adjusting your page's privacy settings.

Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Yellow Pages:

Step A: Go to the associated reviews page and copy the URL from your web browser.


Please note that accounts under the free plan are limited to 1 instance of the "Business Review Monitoring" Widget. For more instances, please upgrade to any paid plan and get up to 7 " Review" Widgets.