Am I required to i-frame a HTTPS site?

If you turn on and use the Custom Domain option in your Cyfe Settings, you're not required to use an HTTPS domain.  You can use HTTP or HTTPS.  So, simply turn on / enable your Custom Domain to open up this option!

The Site We I-framed Does not Display in the Widget

Some sites don't allow themselves to be i-framed.  For example, will work, but some do not.

If it is your website that you are wishing to display in Cyfe, you can enable this by modifying the x-frame-options code. Have you or your web administrator look into changing this!


Can I Add Scrollbars To My IFrame Widget?

Yes! Just add ?scrollbar=1 to the end of the URL to give a scrollbar for that i-frame widget.  For example:

How Do I Embed and Loop a YouTube Video?

Simply use this URL format with our IFrame widget to embed a YouTube video:

Be sure to replace "Wpm2V93Xvxs" with the ID of your own video. 

I Entered __ URL and It Froze My Dashboard

Contact our friendly Support team to resolve this issue -- we'll get back to you as soon as possible! :)