I Connected My LinkedIn Account But I Don't See Anything in the Drop-Down

One of two (or both) culprits is here:

1) It could be that you connected a profile that only has a personal LinkedIn Page (and is not Admin of a Company Page) At this time only Companies are supported (e.g. www.linkedin.com/company/companyname). 

Personal Pages (i.e. www.linkedin.com/in/etcetcetc) *used to* be supported, but Linkedin discontinued that feature -- we're hoping they will be reintroducing it in the near future, though!

2) Full ADMIN access to the Company Page is required. Kindly confirm you have been granted full Admin access to the Page in order to work with the LinkedIn widget


My LinkedIn Widget Was Working but is No Longer Working

LinkedIn likely expired your third party connection.   (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc do this to third party connections every 60 days or so. Changed passwords can also affect this). 
Here's how to quickly restore your data!

Step 1: Reconfigure your existing LinkedIn widget by clicking on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the widget. 

Step 2: Click on the LinkedIn Account drop down and select the first empty entry in the list. Then click on the Add Account button located next to this drop down list.  

Step 3: A new popup will open where LinkedIn will ask you to confirm the connection. Click on the Accept button.  

Step 4: The popup will automatically close and you will be back on the widget configuration screen in Cyfe. Now click on the Save Widget button.
You should only have to do this for one widget.