My Mailchimp Data Looks Off / I Don't See A Historical Line

Initially MailChimp doesn't provide us with historical data so Cyfe grabs the data from MailChimp every 24 hours and builds a graph for you starting from the day you first added the widget to your dashboard. Moving forward you should see the number change over time! 

This is similar to some limitations on certain social media widgets: for most services like Google Analytics and Facebook you can see historical data from the past. Simply use your dashboard's date picker to change the time period.

For some social media services like Google+, they don't have APIs where we can obtain historical data from. So we go out and grab it automatically on a daily basis for you starting from the day you add the widget and store it in Cyfe forever so you can go back and see trends (e.g. how many followers you or your competitors gained over time).  (So the lines & data will start to fill in soon, because Cyfe will track it for as long as you have the widget active!).