Are Public URLs Really Public?

No. Only the person with the unique link has it (which you can delete/remove at any time). They are non-indexable links -- think of these like a unique Dropbox or Google Drive link.


Are Passwords Required For Public URLs?

No. You can leave the password field blank.


The view of my Public URL That I Created Doesn't Match My Dashboard.

Public URLs will show data for the last 30 days by default and group data on a daily basis when viewed by other users besides yourself. If you want to force the dates for Public URLs, you have two options:

1. Enable the date picker so your viewers can choose their own dates by using the "date_picker" parameter like this:

2. Lock the URL to a specific date range and group by method by using the "sdate", "edate", and "groupby" parameters like this:

P.S. You can use the "theme" parameter to force either the "dark" or "light" theme like this: