Can I monitor multiple keywords in one widget?

You can only add one keyword per widget so that it's easier to see trends over time.

That said, you can

1) always create a dedicated SEO dashboard with multiple widgets like the below, and/or

2) Use our Mashups (Custom section) to visualize multiple keywords in one widget.  You could bring multiple SERPs keyword results into one aggregated widget with Mashups!


Can I Mass Upload Keywords?

Not at this time, but this is on our roadmap.


Why Do I See a "0"?

A 0 means the site ranks outside of Google's top 12 pages, or the keyword was not configured properly.


It Says I Hit A Limit on my SERPs! I thought Cyfe Was Unlimited Widgets?

Premium gives you up to 100 SERPs. (The only "true" widget limit in Premium is SERPs; you get 100 SERPs but you can always increase.  Everything else is truly unlimited. Email our Support team to discuss increasing your SERPs limit!)