I'm Having Trouble Connecting and/or I Get A Pop-Up Error

1) Confirm your Shopify account has the proper permissions (i.e. ability to access the API)

2) Enter http://yourshopifystore.myshopify.com exactly as is.  The http may be the key to getting it to work.

My Historical Data Looks Different than My Shopify Store

Due to Shopify's API limitations with historical data (they don't have a robust enough API or allow to grab the entire history), what we do is pull about 1,000 orders when the widget is first installed and then continually add new ones to your Cyfe widget every 24 hours.  So going forward, the data will sync up!


I Can't See Multiple Shopify Stores - Only 1

You'll have to associate a different/unique email address for each store! That's just unique to the Shopify API as to how that works.  Then, you'll be able to see the different stores available in Cyfe!