What is the best way to view our Cyfe dashboards on a large monitor or TV?

There's no "right" answer and it will depend on your own TV / hardware situation, but we'll list a few tips & tricks below -- in addition to introducing our official Amazon Fire app designed specifically for TVs:

  • Use our official Amazon Fire App - discussed in detail below
  • A Smart TV that has a built in browserif you already have one, is perfect (whether using the built-in browser on the TV, using a computer mirroring through a HDMI cable, or a wireless casting solution). This is also discussed in the blog post above
  • Alternative idea: "TV Mode" is quite optional. You can alternatively rotate Public URLs with a tab rotator plugin for your preferred browser
  • More general overview thoughts and ideas for the "how" of Cyfe's TV Mode: over at our blog, discussing all of the above

Do you have an app for viewing on TVs?

Yes, we do! 

We offer an official Cyfe App for TVs on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  The Amazon Fire stick is an affordable ($39.99+tax), versatile, and powerful wireless HDMI dongle that makes it very easy to visualize your KPIs on your office big screens with the official Cyfe App.

Once you have created dashboards in Cyfe on your computer(s), the way it works is:
Step 1. Install the Amazon Cyfe app on your Fire TV (free download on the Amazon Appstore)
Step 2. Open the app and log in to Cyfe using your existing credentials.
Step 3. Pick the dashboards you want to stream and click "Start".