How Much History Can I Grab With Twitter Search?

Twitter allows the past 2 weeks of results for its search function. Thus, any tweets that are older than the past 2 weeks will not display in this search.

Why Don't I See Any Results in my Twitter Search Widget?

Make sure

1) the search you set up is structured properly, and,

2) that the results are expected to be within the past two weeks -- see below for a guide to search operators. 

Can I Export the Results Of My Twitter Search Results in CSV form?

At this time no, but it would work in image-based (PDF, PNG, and JPEG) exports.

How Do I Set Up Complex Searches and Filters?

Take advantage of hte AND and OR parameters! 

For example, the following search is looking for English-language tweets that mention the word "lunch" and were sent within a 1 kilometer radius of the following latitude and longitude. 

"lunch" AND geocode:"51.5171009,-0.0939182,1km" AND lang:en