My WordPress Widget Isn't Working (API URL Is Blank)

Most likely culprit is that another plugin interfering (try disabling each one individually to narrow down the culprit)


I Don't See A "Plugins" Folder After Following the Installation Instructions

Plugins work with self-hosted sites. Make sure you are a self-hosted site in order to proceed and use the WordPress widget.


My API URL isn't working in the Cyfe Configuration Widget

Make sure you're using an HTTPS URL if you have HTTPS set up on your blog.  Changing this should get it to work!


What Does the WordPress Widget Visualize?

It enables you to monitor and share your WordPress blog stats -- users, posts, and comments -- in real-time in Cyfe.

Pro tip: also be sure to visit the Web Analytics and SEO sections for comprehensive data about your overall website (Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, SERPs, Alexa, Moz, etc) as well!